Kelly Simpson

Residential Manager

Residential Manager, Kelly Simpson, oversees all administration staff to ensure all projects are compliant and delivered on time. Kelly also oversees the implementation and ongoing management of all residential company systems.

Kelly has excellent interpersonal skills, she is able to communicate and motivate those around her to continue to perform at the highest possible level.

Coordination and project management are critical to the smooth operation of the business, and Kelly’s professionalism, dedication, and time management, ensures everything is flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Prior to joining BA Murphy, Kelly worked for 15 years in the building industry, for a Brisbane-based company. She is highly skilled in administration as well as project management and team leadership. Kell is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to shine in her role as Business Manager, and is a valued team member.

The BA Family way is to have pride in who we are and what we create.