Quintus Pease

Quintus Pease


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Carpenter, Quintus Pease, works on BA Murphy building sites as a highly trained and experienced carpenter, who can work within all aspects of construction and all materials, and in all pressure environments.

Previously working on large scale infrastructure projects including building bridges, jails, and water tanks; Quintus brings a versatile knowledge and skills base to the team and is competent working on any scale of residential or commercial project.

An effective problem solver, Quintus isn’t afraid of a challenging scenario, and can think laterally to find a solution. He is a great team-player as well as highly self-motivated to meet deadlines, whilst delivering workmanship of the highest standards.

He is always conscious of his own personal safety whilst on site, as well as the safety of his colleagues; he never cuts corners or compromises his work in any way, he is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work, and the final product.

Quintus undergoes regular industry training and professional self-development, as do the entire team at BA Murphy.

When not working Quintus enjoys swimming, cycling, gardening, and spending time with his family including his grandchildren.