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Alexander Tilley


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Cadet Contract Administrator, Alexander Tilley, is responsible for preparing, examining, analysing, and revising contracts that involve the purchase or sale of goods/services such as equipment, materials, supplies, or products.

A large component of Alexander’s role is administrative, particularly in the area of documentation control – creation, review, modification, storage, and dissemination. He possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as demonstrates a high level of analytical, problem solving and negotiation skills; equipping him with the ability to deal with complex financial and budgetary processes and situations.

Previously he worked for nearly five years as a Plasterer, which has given him helpful insight and knowledge of building processes. With a positive attitude, he is very goal-oriented and focused on securing exceptional outcomes, whilst learning as much as he can and growing professionally along the way.

Alexander undergoes regular industry training and professional self-development, as do the entire team at BA Murphy.

When not working Alexander enjoys socialising and relaxing with family and friends.